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pop_0ff's Journal

Public entries are non-personal, pop culture related. All personal stuff is friends only. I mostly talk about reality tv, but will also include random celebrity gossip, movie reviews, or whatever I feel like talking about.

I'll probably add you if we're in some of the same communities and I see you comment/post on them a lot. If you're more of a stranger than that, I'm not adding you back.
1905, a silver mt. zion, against me!, america's next top model, american history x, american idol, anthony burgess, architecture in helsinki, arrogant sons of bitches, astronautalis, at the drive-in, bad girls club, beastie boys, ben folds, best week ever, big brother, billy joel, bright eyes, bruce springsteen, call it arson, cat power, charm school, chuck palahniuk, clerks, daniel keyes, degrassi: the next generation, desparecidos, dexy's midnight runners, dire straits, doozer, dr dre, edward norton, elijah wood, empire records, explosions in the sky, fight club, flavor of love, frog eyes, glassjaw, godspeed you! black emperor, hal sparks, hanson, hustle and flow, i love money, i love new york, indian summer, j.d. salinger, jamie stewart, janis joplin, jay-z, joel mchale, joseph gordon levitt, journey, kanye west, kevin devine, kill.normal.records, la guillotine, law and order: svu, led zeppelin, malachi constant, mates of state, michael ian black, michael wesley smith, mirah, new york, nip/tuck, our lady peace, pat benetar, patti smith group, paul scheer, peter gabriel, phantom planet, pixies, project runway, public enemy, pulp fiction, radical face, radiohead, real chance of love, real world, reality tv, road rules, rock of love, rod stewart, rolling stones, rwrr challenge, scott moffatt, sigur rós, snoop dog, son ambulance, sondre lerche, sunset rubdown, tanisha, the assistant, the black heart procession, the blood brothers, the flaming tsunamis, the moffatts, the police, the rapture, the robot ate me, the slits, the soup, the thermals, the toadies, the tribe, the unicorns, the winks, these green eyes, tool, tool academy, top design, top model, upupdowndown, welcome to the dollhouse, wolf parade, wonder showzen, xiu xiu