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Dani was so annoying tonight. She talks about them writing Jeff and Jordan a check when she was expecting everyone to just write her a check. I just hate when they use that speech about how voting them out means they're playing for whoever wanted them out. Like, they're not playing for you either! Ughh. I'm so glad she's out.

And Shelly is such a traitor. WTF happened that made her flip so fast?
Watching BB right now and Jordan looks amazing. Girl, you better work!
Bad mood. People are pissing me off. I just hate everyone right now. I need to stop looking into things that make me sad.
Hahaha, Beyond Scared Straight. This squeaky little 14 year old like, "I smoke weeed." Kids, wait until your voice changes before you start acting like big boys.

Oh man. Today a customer was blathering on and on about investing in gold as if it was some crazy new concept that he was letting me in on, only, he was planning on buying us out of all our cheap, hollow-ass Christ on a Cross pendants to melt down so that he would have PHYSICAL lumps of gold to, I don't know, barter with when the shit hits the fan? Poor schmuck. He dg what the whole gold craze is all about at all.

So he's going on and on and I'm rolling my eyes as hard as I can while trying to get actual work done and he makes this condescending comment, "Oh, you don't understand what I'm talking about, huh?" and I respond with, "No, I get it, I just don't care."

LOL SNAP! Those words actually came out of my mouth. And the dumb fuck kept doing business with me, even trying to make sure I'd be there when he planned on coming back on Friday to buy the stuff he wanted. What a stupid sack.

People are so fucking stupid. They watch Glen Beck and run out and buy gold necklaces as if it's going to feed their family in a post-apocalyptic world. I'm sorry. I live on the plane of reality where gold only has value because we give it value, not because it can feed my family or power my generator. It's just as real as the money we churn out. Gold isn't worth more today than it was fifty years ago, just like the dollar isn't worth less. It's all WORTHLESS! But it's about selling your shit at the precise moment when you can make the most bank and stock up on things that actually keep you alive.

Have fun whacking off to your gold you stupid twat. It's just fucking gold. It doesn't do shit.

In unrelated news, Black Swan was the shit. Serious props to all involved.
Goddamn, the Paradise Lost documentaries. And I hate jewelry. Life.

...is this for real?
Look what I got in the mail today

trailer + two more picsCollapse )

I watched it and I cracked up. It's nice and cheesy, and some things I find funnier because I remember filming them. I was a production assistant and I worked my ass off on it. I can watch each scene and remember exactly what I contributed to it, from props, to costumes, to finding extras, to boom, etc. It's kinda cool to have your hands in so many different aspects of a film.

Also, I finally had the chance to upload the CIA bio on youtube now that they upped the length and size of videos

Looks better than it did on google, but not HD I guess.



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